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Entreprises de pompes funèbres en Suisse
Entreprise de pompes funèbres à Genève
Famille Murith pompes funèbres

Our history

Supporting grieving families since 1888

We have 132 years of history behind us, filled with an array of gatherings and events, all of which have made their mark on the DNA of our business, which is above all a human endeavour.

Our story started in April 1888 when, at the request of the Geneva

clergy, an agreement creating a funeral directors firm was signed.

In association with Messrs Michel Fertet and François Duparc, who were both valets, Anselme Murith, a sexton at St Joseph’s church at the time, took the helm of the business, which was established as a company on 28 April 1888. He was joined in 1913 by his sons Paul and Auguste. On 14 September 1898, Anselme was called upon to carry out the daunting task of organising the funeral procession of Her Majesty the Empress of Austria.

In 1919, Paul Murith founded A. Murith SA, a specialist firm of Funeral Directors. Under his management, the company expanded into the canton of Fribourg with his brother Auguste Murith, and Valais.

From 1960 to 1981, Henri Murith, son of Auguste, led the firm. With his training as a cabinetmaker, a workshop for the manufacture of coffins was set up. Other funeral products tailored to customers’ needs were also manufactured during this period.

Who are we ?

Enterrement SIssi L'Impératrice d'Autriche Genève
Enterrement Sissi l'impératif par Murith SA Genève

Today,Jacques, Philippe and Jean-Marcare at the helm of the company. Three brothers with the mission of preserving the identity of the company built over all these generations, whilst championing modernity in ceremonies and the use of the latest technology. Murith funeral home specializes in the personalization of civil ceremonies and/or all faiths.

With an emphasis on the human touch, we hope to be just one of the links in the chain of support, from healthcare workers to public administration, helping bereaved families.

Directeur pompes funèbres Murith SA

From 1981 to 2020, it was Mr. Jean Murith, son of Henri, who managed the company. He spearheaded the building of the current premises. This enabled the creation of chapels of rest, providing spaces for families to use for remembrance.

It also marked the introduction of embalming services to the company, thanks to Jean. The manufacture of coffins started to become unsustainable in terms of costs, so the decision was made, after more than 25 years, to import quality coffins that would meet the requirements of the families we were serving.

A service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Funeral advisors dedicated to grieving families

International transportation, 



Personalised civil or religious ceremony, death notices, floral tributes, funeral procession, burial or cremation.

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