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Formalités de décès Genève
Formalités de décès Genève

Our funeral advisors will support you in your procedures

Death formalities

Our funeral advisors will accompany you

in your steps

Declaration of death

The death must be declared within two days to the civil status officer of the district where it took place. If the death took place in a hospital, clinic,  a detention establishment or any other similar organization, the declaration is the responsibility of the director.

Death certificate

This is an extract from the death register (not to be confused with the death certificate drawn up by a doctor), which can be obtained from the Civil Status Office of the place of death. In addition to the information relating to the deceased person, the death certificate specifies where and when the death took place, but it does not indicate the causes. It may be required, for example, by an insurance company or a bank in order to prove the death. It is advisable to make several copies.

Funeral preparation

The Murith funeral directors will take care of all the procedures inherent to the death as well as the organization of the funeral, such as the transport of the body, the drafting of the obituary notice for the press, the provision of a place of contemplation and coordination of all stakeholders.

Organization or persons to be notified

The following people and institutions must also be informed of the death:

  • The employer

  • the landlord of the apartment

  • insurance companies (life, accident, health, etc.)

  • the AVS compensation fund and any pension funds;

  • the bank(s) or the Post Office;

  • the land register: registration of heirs upon presentation of an heir certificate

  • the tax administration (which will ask to prepare a tax return with effect from the date of death).

  • Social media platforms


Any will discovered upon death must be handed over without delay to the competent authority; the rule also applies to those whose validity is doubtful or which appear to have been revoked. If an heir violates this obligation, he runs the risk of being excluded from the inheritance.

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