On the occasion of a death, our ongoing services are undertaken with discretion and sensitivity, taking care of transfer from the place of death to the Chapel de la Cluse, treatment and presentation of the body of the deceased, all formalities, coordination between ecclesiastical and civic bodies, drafting death notices for Swiss and foreign newspapers, careful and timely despatch of formal announcements and thank you cards, floral decorations, funeral procession, and burial or cremation. Our funerary assistants will be on hand at all times to advise.

Chapel de la Cluse

Funeral parlour

Our goal : to give families permanent access to see the deceased in conditions that are appropriate to quiet reflection, as well as the ability to gather round them, to place flowers, to pray in their presence and to receive friends at any time of day or night without hindrance. A private parlour is available to each family, with a book of condolences and funerary space. Families can also take advantage of a reception area for a cup of coffee.

Funeral service area

Our chapel can accommodate sixty people for the funeral services of any denomination. Our funerary assistants can also, with the help of the family, organise non-religious funeral services.

Treatment of the body

In order to allow families a more personal interaction with the deceased, so that they can kiss them, touch them, give them a flower or a familiar object, and so that their appearance should be the most appropriate for quiet reflection, we can, with the family's agreement and at little expense, treat the body to ensure it is preserved and remains presentable.

International transit

Whatever the country of destination, we will take care of all the necessary formalities for the repatriation of the deceased with the minimum delay. Depending on the destination, transit will take place by air or by road.

Funeral insurance

The 800 policies that we manage demonstrate that our service is meeting a real need for people : being sure that their wishes will be respected; relieving their loved ones of all financial and administrative worries; being reassured that there will always be someone to manage this last stage of life with dignity.