Funeral insurance


Being sure that their wishes will be respected. Funeral insurance is a contract between Maison MURITH and the insured for the carrying out of services conducted by the business.

Relieving loved ones of all worries:

Financial: interment is paid for in advance and the services conducted by the business are guaranteed to be at the same price. 

Administrative: the Funeral Insurance policy covers every stage of the funeral process and the business undertakes to follow the instructions. 

Being reassured that there will always be someone to manage this final stage of life with dignity, even in cases where the deceased was isolated or at a distance from the rest of the family.


It is simply a matter of contacting a Maison MURITH funerary adviser who will meet you in our offices or at your home to agree with you your wishes and to draw up a quotation for you. As soon as this is settled, your funeral insurance contract is guaranteed.


Whatever your time of life, once you have taken time to reflect on the advantages of this contract, our services are available to you. When you enter a nursing home, thinking ahead in this way will relieve you of any worries, knowing that everything has been taken care of.