We take care of all of the formalities required to register the death and organise the funeral.

When the family gets in touch with us, we arrange a meeting in our offices or at their home. During this meeting, we start to make arrangements with the different people who will be involved. By listening to the family’s needs and respecting the wishes of the deceased, our funeral adviser will be able to guide loved ones in the organisation of the ceremony. They will also assist in putting together the press and obituary notices.

Our staff will arrange for the deceased to be prepared for presentation in the funeral home so that the family can gather and pay their respects. At the same time, we take care of the death registration so that we can obtain the various authorisations we need.

On the day of the ceremony, the master of ceremonies, pall-bearers and a hearse will be made available. The leader of the funeral procession will be at your side to guide you, whilst remaining discreet. If you wish, they can take charge of the thank you notes and inform the funeral attendees on how they can express their condolences.

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