Our funerary advisers can help families arrange civil ceremonies which, as well as respecting the wishes of the deceased, allow families time to share their recollections. Families can also take advantage of private funerary parlours, in premises that we want to be welcoming and appropriate for quiet reflection. Families therefore retain access to seeing their deceased in the best environment possible, as well as to being able to gather round them, pray in their presence and receive friends at any time of day or night without hindrance. 

It is possible to arrange the rooms to suit personal tastes, and florists can have wreaths and bouquets delivered there. Visitors can leave a message of condolence in a register which will then be handed over to the family. The rooms are open from Monday to Saturday from 8am to 12 noon and from 2pm to 6pm.

Outside these opening times, the family still has freedom of access by using the pass code that it will have received and that it alone has the option to relay to third parties. Located at 89 Boulevard de la Cluse (opposite the entrance to the Hôpital Cantonal), the Chapel de la Cluse is next to our offices, our funeral parlours and a funeral service area with about sixty seats. We wanted, by building this chapel, to give bereaved families constant access. So families have 24-hour access via a pass code. 

Our chapel can accommodate about sixty people, so it is the ideal place for a celebration when the family wants a funeral service in intimate surroundings. There is the option to organise a period of quiet reflection before the repatriation of the deceased to their country of origin.